Green Tea & White Pear Fragrance Oil

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    A very crisp and complex blend capturing the fresh aroma of green tea with long lasting sweet and citrusy middle notes. Finishes off with soft and subtle herbaceous undertones.

    Common Uses:
    Candles / Incense
    Skin and Hair Care

    This fragrance oil is free of : Paraben, Phthalate, Lyral, and Lilial.


    PACKAGING: All Midwest Sea Salt Company Fragrance Oils will come in the glass containers pictured. It is recommended to store the product in these glass jars. Our fragrance oils are too concentrated to be stored in plastic bottles.

    Each Fragrance oil will come in a glass bottle with an orifice reduce to limit the amount that can come out when poured. You can remove this reducer from the bottle for full pours. All 16oz purchases will receive 2 – 8oz bottles to reduce the risk of damage to a 16oz glass bottle during shipping.


    Appearance : Clear liquid.
    Odor : Characteristic odor.
    Melting Point/Freezing Point : -15.6 °C
    Initial b.p and boiling range : 110 °C
    Flash point : >93.33°C
    Relative density : 0.934 to 0.944 @ 25 °C
    Solubility (ies) : Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water.

    Auto-ignition temperature : 259 °C
    Refractive index : 1.449 to 1.464 @ 25 °C

Customer Reviews

  • High End

    This is by far some of the highest quality oils I have ever purchased.
    Packaging: The oil comes in a heavy glass bottle with a metal lid and a very useful orifice reducer. The label includes the Flashpoint which is very helpful to me as a candlemaker.

    The Fragrance: the fragrance is very rich and layered which is amazing. You can tell some went into creating a perfect blend with bottom, middle and top notes.

    Grade A in my book.

    Posted by George L on 4th Jun 2022

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