Private Label Ready program

Due to popular demand, we have created our PRIVATE LABEL READY program. It is basically an entry point to private labeling that will reduce the MOQ to six units but will require you to label the product.

So, what if you are not ready to order 500 units of a single SKU because you are just starting out or your budget just doesn’t allow it. No worries at all. Everyone must start somewhere, and we have a new program just for you.

Our “PRIVATE LABEL-READY” program is built just for you. Our Private Label-Ready program has minimums as low as 6 units per SKU and this is where we take our retail products (only products in bottles or jars) and send them to you unlabeled so you can design and apply your label and start building your brand. Once you are ready for us to take over at the 500-unit quantity, we can handle everything at that point. The product would use our retail formula and packaging, so you know you are getting a tried and tested formula that we currently sell to our retail clients. The difference between this program and the full Private Label program is that you cannot select the packaging or customize the formula. The product will come unlabeled and ready for you to label. We will insert a completed label into your packaging so you can see the label size we used and the details that we put on our label. In general, the MOQ is 6 units, and the cost is 50% of the retail cost listed on our website. (Shipping is an additional cost depending on where you are located.) This is a great way to get started and test the market. Email us for more specifics based on your needs. We are always striving to lower the barrier to entry into this market and with our Private Label ready program getting started is a breeze.