Getting started

The Midwest Sea Salt Company is known for high quality skincare products and ingredients… but what if you need more than 20 pounds or 100 pounds of product that can be purchased on our website. Well, you are in the right place. Our Bulk and Wholesale Division is for clients who meet the threshold of needing 250 pounds or more of a single formulation. If you don’t quite meet this threshold then items can usually be purchased in 20-pound increments on our retail site. If you do meet this requirement then welcome to the Midwest Sea Salt Bulk & Wholesale Division. Bulk skincare ingredients are for wholesale suppliers and distributors who want raw materials or formulations with guaranteed quality. The Midwest Sea Salt Company has access to thousands of bulk ingredients and we can use those ingredients to make our stock products in bulk, tweak our stock products or do an entirely new formulation for you. Our bulk products usually come in 5-gallon buckets to 55-gallon drums depending on your needs. Typical lead times range from 7-10 business days.