Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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    A complex, exotic fragrance. Rich creamy nuances with a hint of heavenly tropical flowers.

    Common Uses:
    Soap (melt and pour soaps only and NOT cold-pressed soaps)
    Candles / Incense
    Skin Care

    Important Note: This product contains Vanillin, which will affect the resulting color of soaps, candles, and body-care products. The product may turn brown or may show traces of brown color. Please do a batch test before doing a large production.

    This fragrance oil is free of : Paraben and Phthalate.


    PACKAGING: All Midwest Sea Salt Company Fragrance Oils will come in the glass containers pictured. It is recommended to store the product in these glass jars. Our fragrance oils are too concentrated to be stored in plastic bottles.

    Each Fragrance oil will come in a glass bottle with an orifice reduce to limit the amount that can come out when poured. You can remove this reducer from the bottle for full pours. All 16oz purchases will receive 2 – 8oz bottles to reduce the risk of damage to a 16oz glass bottle during shipping.


    Appearance : Colorless to very pale pink liquid.
    Odor : Characteristic odor.
    Flash point : 84°C
    Relative density : 0.942 to 0.962 @ 25 °C
    Solubility (ies) : Insoluble in water.
    Refractive index : 1.451 to 1.471 @ 20 °C

Customer Reviews

  • It Works

    This fragrance just works. Imagine smelling vanilla in Hawaii. The best way I can explain it.

    Posted by Chloe C on 3rd Jun 2022

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