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Rose Foaming Bath Salt Soak - Custom

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    The Salt Mine Brand of Foaming Bath Soaks is all about sourcing the purest salts from around the world and creating the most amazing bath soak experiences available. Your bath can be turned into your own private spa with the right soak blend. That’s exactly what this bag is…the absolute right blend for you. Gently moisturizing foaming bubbles will transport you to a place where stress is a thing of the past. Whatever the reason may be, you need a little “ME” time. Salt Mine Soaks will help you maximize that time, while also detoxing and rejuvenating your body.

    All Natural, Cruelty-Free, Safe on All Skin Types, Made in the USA


    Ingredients: 100% Mediterranean Sea Salt (Optional - Plant-Based Coloring, Essential Oils)

    Appearance: Fine Grain (.3-1mm) or Coarse Grain(1-3mm)

    Directions: To turn your bath into a therapeutic mineral spa, pour about one or two handfuls [as desired] under warm running water. After salts are added in the tub, gently step in, sit back and relax. Can also be used in a foot bath.

    Store in a cool dry place.

    The Mediterranean Sea Salt Sourced from Italy

    Expiration: 24 Months After Opening

Rose Foaming Bath Salt Soak - Custom

Rose Foaming Bath Salt Soak - Custom

$17.14 - $49.99
Rose Foaming Bath Salt Soak - Custom
$17.14 - $49.99

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