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Original Kona Anti Cellulite Coffee Scrub with Dead Sea Salts - 24oz - All Natural

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    to be honest ... everybody needs someone

    Do not worry. Your someONE is here to help. I’m someONE who will focus on stretch marks, cellulite, acne, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, and scarring with roasted and ground Kona coffee beans, Dead Sea salt and skin loving moisturizers. I’ll smooth your lumps and bumps, moisturize and tone your skin, and use vitamins & minerals to work wonders on your skin. I’m someONE tough enough to improve your skins imperfections, yet leaving you feeling softer and smoother than ever.

    I am someONE who is great for an overall deep clean. My original formula specializes in targeting cellulite and smoothing skin imperfections over time.

    How to use me. Im someONE who likes to start in the shower or tub. Get wet, rub a large handful of me in circular massage motions, focusing on problem areas. It’s OK to get dirty with me, while getting clean. Once you have massaged me gently onto your skin, give yourself a quick rinse.

    Why I am the somONE for you? I am:

    CRUELTY FREE                                 ALL NATURAL                                   PHTHALATE FREE

     What is in me? Dead Sea Salt, Organic Kona Coffee, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil,

    Organic Grape Seed Oil, Coffee Arabica Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Natural Fragrance Extracts

     let me be your someONE


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    • Great for stretch marks

      Posted by Cecilia on 2nd Feb 2020


      I used this on my stomach after my pregnancy and it has almost erased my stretch marks. Something I wasn't sure was going to be possible after having a child.

    • Very Satisfied

      Posted by Jim on 26th Feb 2016


      I've purchased similar products elsewhere and been disappointed. Also I've spent more money. I showed my wife that I got another for her, that night she tried it and was happy with this Scrub. Will be ordering more.

    • Love it

      Posted by Martisha Mays on 14th Sep 2015


      I could not use enough of this coffee scrub. It made my skin, my legs so silky smooth. The smell is fantastic. Also improved the little dimples.

    • I love the smell (probably because I am a coffee lover)

      Posted by anna on 18th Aug 2015


      First of all, I love the smell (probably because I am a coffee lover). It has a good texture as a scrub. You do not need much of it. I use it on my face and my legs. The skin is silky smooth. I like the results.

    • This has the perfect balance of coffee

      Posted by Cwbybebop on 17th Aug 2015


      OMG, my skin has never felt so soft. This has the perfect balance of coffee, sea salt, and oils. I'm currently testing another one and that one does not compare to this scrub. I love this one so much more. I will definitely be buying again once I run out.
      I've only used it a few times so I haven't noticed a different in cellulite, but my skin is so soft I think it's worth it.

    • This left my skin feeling so smooth and it smells so good!

      Posted by charli ward on 17th Aug 2015


      This left my skin feeling so smooth and it smells so good!

    • Five Stars

      Posted by Anamarie Harmon on 14th Aug 2015


      Awesome product, smells great and I can see a difference in my skin appearance. I have purchased numerous items from this vendor and they are great.

    • Skin feels great!

      Posted by Barbara J Fox on 12th Aug 2015


      No where to start with this review except WOW!!! The smell is fantastic, comforting, relaxing! I am starting to age and have started to be able to tell on my skin. My neck has bothered me the most. I thought that this would be a good test for the scrub. I only wish I'd taken before and after pictures. It's like my neck was refreshed and firmed. Obviously, it won't take away the signs of aging; but, it's a good way to tame the sagging skin! The package is resealable, so it stays the same as when you first opened it for future uses! There are multiple scents that are available, so there is sure to be one you will love

    • Coffee Body Scrub Rich in Antioxidants

      Posted by Phil L. on 11th Aug 2015


      Love this body scrub. It makes my body feel alive after a warm shower. Can't wait to try other scents.

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