About Us


At the Midwest Sea Salt Company, we are committed to using sea salts to enhance our lives. We are all about using sea salts to enhance our physical, mental and emotional state. Take your bath & body experience to the next level with the best nature has to offer. Bathing in sea salt allows you to relax, ease muscle tension and smooth your skin.

But beyond sea salts, we are just a group of people very similar to you that believe in the three R’s. Rest, Relaxation & Rejuvenation. Above, you see a picture of our core team that keeps The Midwest Sea Salt Company afloat. Most company photos look boring and stale but we wanted to reflect our company spirit and way of life. You know what that means... ROADTRIP. So, off to the beach we went and this was the photo that all of us believed was the best. But, it was pretty much just a day at the beach…lol. No suits, no reports, no worries.

We are more than a company, but a group of friends who have stumbled upon each other and formed great friendships. Most of us have been here since the company started in 2005, but we have picked up a little help along the way. We use sea salts in our everyday lives to enhance our bathing experience, to smooth our skin, to flavor our foods and so much more…and that’s just on a Tuesday.

So we are proud as friends, as colleagues, and as teammates to bring you our brands; The Midwest Sea Salt Company, The Midwest Fragrance Company, The Midwest Incense Company and The Midwest Spice Company. All of these brands have one thing in common and that is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. And in our pursuit of this goal we are glad you could journey with us, as we grow one day at a time.

Your Midwest Sea Salt Company Team