Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak - 24oz - Helps Treat Nail Fungus , Athletes Foot & Stubborn Foot Odor

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    This all-natural foot soak blends tea tree and 5 other all natural essential oils with dead sea salt, and epsom salts to help rid your feet of foot fungus and bacteria, while still soothing aches and pains, softening corns and calluses, and alleviating itching. This Foot soak leaves feet feeling clean, refreshed, and odor-free.


    100% Pure Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil,
    Peppermint Essential Oil, Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM)



    Place two heaping tablespoons in a container large enough to accommodate both feet. Add approximately one gallon of warm water and mix until salts are dissolved. Relax and soak your tired feet for 10-15 minutes.

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    • Helps me tons

      Posted by C-mac on 14th May 2020


      Helps a tremendous amount with my feet smell and keeping them looking good

    • Better lookin feet

      Posted by Shaw on 27th Apr 2020


      I never have claimed to have the best lookin feet but I do say my feet look soooo much better after I use this. They aren’t crusty they are soft and they don’t have a disgusting smell

    • Helps alot

      Posted by Haley on 8th Apr 2020


      Reduced the amount of smell and itchiness I had in my feet. Now it feels and smells like a normal foot

    • Use it everyday

      Posted by Elliot on 2nd Apr 2020


      A part of my daily routine. My feet feel amazing and soft and they never smell bad

    • foot soak

      Posted by Jamie on 1st Mar 2020


      my feet are more smooth and ache less. Will definitely buy again.

    • Instant Foot Relief

      Posted by Tati on 19th Feb 2020


      I don't know about most people but my feet really stink and ache after a soccer game. constantly on my feet and running everywhere its very taxing. And this soak really comes in hand for all of that.

    • Spa at home

      Posted by Terra on 3rd Feb 2020


      One of my girlfriends recommended this foot scrub for me since I'm up on my feet all day and my feet are constantly aching. I put to gather this foot soak and my feet haven't felt this good in a long while. I'm very happy for the recommendation.

    • Fungus Be Gone

      Posted by Johnny on 28th Jan 2020


      Great product. after just a few days of using it my foot fungus was gone.

    • Smell Terminated

      Posted by April on 20th Jan 2020


      Thank you so much for this foot soak. I bought this for my husband because his feet smell absolutely God awful after he comeback from the gym. and he goes to the gym at least once a day sometimes more and the shower at the gym isn't cleaning his feet that well. But this foot soak is a game changer. Eliminates all the smell that he has when he comes back. And now sometimes he doesn't even have a smell......

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