Esna Organics Luxury Mineral Bath Salt Soak - 16oz

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    For centuries, the Dead Sea has been a Mecca for those who wanted to revitalise their bodies, protect their youthful looks and simply soak away their troubles. The salt concentration in these unique waters is higher than in any lake or ocean on Earth. Now you only have to travel as far as your bathtub to give yourself a luxurious treatment in the Dead Sea’s salt waters with this Esna Organics Luxury Bath Salt Soak.


    Directions: Dissolve desired amount of Bath Salts in warm water and soak for up to 30 minutes. Use as often as desired.

    Ingredients: Pure Dead Sea Salts (Typical Composition: Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Crystallized Water, Calcium Chloride, Bromides, Insoluables), Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil Fragrance.

    Size: 16oz



    At Esna Organics you will find an eclectic collection of the world’s finest, contemporary organic and natural products. We create thoroughly modern yet highly ethical skincare products that value the process of creating quality skincare treatments as well as the end product. We believe in creating products using, eco-friendly, fair trade and 100% natural ingredients. In doing so we have created a new way to care for your skin… ESNA ORGANICS.


Customer Reviews

  • What’s not to love

    I knew I was going to love this as soon as I opened the jar and got a whiff of the smell. And it smelled wonderful made me want to spend all day in the bath

    Posted by Nancy K. on 18th Nov 2020

  • Works nicely

    This is really nice bath soak. I just wish they would’ve focused a bit more with the smell but other than that it was great

    Posted by Mara on 30th Oct 2020

  • Yeeesssssssss!!!!!!!

    Has had me in a trance whenever I’m in it

    Posted by Q-T on 1st Oct 2020

  • Absolutely love it

    Love it love it love it love it!!!!!!

    Posted by Victoria on 7th Aug 2020

  • Magic powers

    This helped muscles that I didn’t even know were inflamed. I just knew when I got out the tub I felt like a new woman

    Posted by Brenda on 5th Jul 2020

  • Doesn’t dissolve very well

    When I put some in the water it took a little while for the salt to dissolve. But once it did it worked fine

    Posted by Emily on 28th Jun 2020

  • Great for pain and relaxing

    Great for everyday use with all the working out and the situations developing these bath salts are really helping me get through it all

    Posted by Georgia peach on 6th Jun 2020

  • Dependent on it

    I love this product. It has become an essential part of my life now and I buy this regularly

    Posted by Jelly Bean on 23rd May 2020

  • Beautiful Packaging

    Product for resale have not tested yet.

    Posted by Donna Flack on 7th May 2020

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