Midwest Sea Salt Company -Referral Program - Earn Cash


The Midwest Sea Salt Company is one of the largest bath & body products companies in the world, because of customers like you. Therefore, we created a rewards program to show our appreciation for the business you bring us.

You will earn 10% of the referred customer first purchase in a cash reward every time you send us a referral that makes a purchase.


Sign up for our referral program using your Facebook account. (it’s completely free.) You will get your own referral corner where you can track your referrals and payouts.




Once you sign up you will receive a 10% off coupon code to send to your friends and family. You will have your own personalized link to give to people that you want to refer to us.



Once your friend or family member go to our website and makes a purchase using the coupon code you gave them you will get an email stating that you referred a customer to us. You can either receive 10% of there purchase in cash or we will donate it to a charity of your choice.


It’s that simple. You just earned 10% of this customer’s first purchase.

Midwest Sea Salt Company Referral Program