Dead Sea Foot Salt Scrubs - 64 oz.

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  • Product Description

    This Exfoliating Foot Scrub combines mineral-rich Dead Sea salt with soothing aromatic oils and herbal extracts to soften and smooth rough, tired feet. The Foot Scrub regenerates your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and calluses and improving blood circulation. Regular use will stimulate the skin's production of natural oils and moisturizers forming soft and smooth feet.

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Customer Reviews

  • Foot relief

    Has helped a ton with the irritation in between my toes definitely worth my money

    Posted by Roddy on 14th Apr 2021

  • Relief

    My left foot has been itching for months. Right in between my toes. I used this a few times and I can tell that it’s working. The itching has become less intense and I barely notice it and it has made my feet smell good

    Posted by Matti on 7th Feb 2021

  • So soft!!!

    This scrub made my skin so soft!! Doesn’t have much of a smell but it works

    Posted by Kamaria on 24th Jan 2021

  • I like it

    This isn’t a replacement for soap but it does a pretty good job on my feet helping them look feel and smell clean

    Posted by Cable on 22nd Jan 2021

  • Nice soft feet

    Soft feet it’s all a woman can ask for and want

    Posted by Luna on 15th Dec 2020

  • Smell no more

    My feet have smelled or looked so good!!!!!

    Posted by Kaiser on 2nd Dec 2020

  • Great!!!!!!

    This foot scrub is great and that’s all that needs to be said

    Posted by Tamera on 25th Nov 2020

  • Love my feet

    I use this regularly to help keep my feet looking and feeling good. Cause walking around all day really takes a toll on them

    Posted by Xan on 21st Nov 2020

  • Gotta have good feet

    Using this has been the best way to taking care of my feet. They’re soft and don’t ache anymore

    Posted by N/A on 13th Nov 2020

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