Custom Dead Sea Salts 20 lbs.

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  • Product Description

    The mind, body and soul is resposive to color and fragrance. So, why not treat yourself to these scented dead sea salt mixes that inspire a zen spa-like experience. To transform a bath into a luxurious and therapeutic experience, the use of aromatic salts or aromatherapy will create an atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation. It is the fragrant aroma of the scente in a bath that keeps people coming back to re-create the experience. Should you be in the mood for a truly pampering experience to stimulate your senses, using bath salts will create a truly luxurious atmosphere. Aromatherapy will not only please the senses, but it will relieve sore muscles, relax the body and melt away stress.

    size: 20 Pounds


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Customer Reviews

  • Love the customization

    I ended up getting the blue salt with the lemon scent and I love the fact that I’m able to get so many different color and scent combinations with this. Nice to have a variety

    Posted by Vee on 10th Feb 2021


    A hot steamy bath is always a nice choice but you add this bath salt to it and mmmm it’s the best choice

    Posted by Cody on 24th Dec 2020

  • Need all the relaxing I can get

    Had to get a nice big bag of bath salt because I got a smaller bath last time and it got used up fast

    Posted by Icaress on 6th Dec 2020

  • Freedom

    I like that I’m able to get exactly what I want so that when I do take a bath using this it it’s the best possible experience

    Posted by Devan on 21st Oct 2020

  • awesome

    love this stuff after a day of work or working out I soak in a hot tub with this salt and it soothing and relaxing.

    Posted by Raymond V Quinones on 21st Sep 2020

  • Love this stuff

    If relaxing had a picture it would be me in a bath with this bath salt. Best part of my day every time

    Posted by Derrius on 7th Sep 2020

  • Makes it better

    I love the fact that I’m able to customize an already great product. Gives it a personal touch that makes me want to buy it again

    Posted by Pam on 28th Aug 2020

  • Tons of possibilities

    I spent a little bit of time trying to figure out what I want because there was so much variety in what I could do

    Posted by Henry on 6th Aug 2020

  • Best product for relaxation

    A pretty cool product it changed is the color to the bathwater and everything. My kids love it

    Posted by Michelle on 18th Mar 2020

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