Custom Boxes

The Midwest Sea Salt Company is the short-run packaging expert for folding carton and custom printed boxes. Since we manufacture many boxes in-house for our clients we have opened this service to all customers needing custom boxes. We offer our customers a high level of integration in product capabilities, including in-house prepress services, plate making, UV coating, embossing and windowing capabilities with a very low lead time of only 10 days.

  • Automotive Box Packaging
  • Soap Box Packaging
  • Beverage Box Packaging
  • Consumer Product Box
  • Candle Packaging
  • Aromatherapy Packaging
  • Cosmetic Box Packaging
  • Retail Custom Packaging
  • Food Folding Carton Packaging
  • Gift Box Packaging
  • Personal Care Box Packaging
  • Candle Boxes

We offer

- High quality products that deliver value

- An end-to-end online packaging platform where customer can easily find the information they are looking for

- Straightforward and hassle-free process that is simple and convenient

- Excellent and responsive customer service

- Customized products and services that meet our customer's individual needs

- Creative packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their business needs

Every day, millions of small business owners, creative graphic designers and print shop owners are dedicated to their businesses, serving clients and customers through every touch point to deliver an outstanding purchase experience. This process can start with a memorable packaging… probably a branded box.

With the right packaging - the right box, it conveys the DNA of the business, the story of the owner and the brand of the designer. Days and nights of hard work distills into that little cube. These boxes speak for themselves. With so much heart and efforts put into creating the right purchase experience by crafting the right packaging, our customers expect to work with someone that does and offers more than simply box manufacturing.

The Midwest Sea Salt Company provides inspirational and simple packaging solutions to these dedicated practitioners to help them achieve success. The Midwest Sea Salt Company takes care of your packaging, and you take care the rest.

As an established expert in short-run packaging, The Midwest Sea Salt Company also embodies creativity in every dimension of our business, arming our customers with inspirational ideas and practical solutions.

Contact us today if you need a custom box manufactured today.