Blue Musk Mens Bath Salt

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    These bath salts were made specifically with him in mind. Some men prefer not to bathe in feminine fragrances so we have created a bath salt line just for you. Melt away your stress while replenishing your worn and ruggd skin with the minerals it needs to stay healthy and supple. Premium sea salts and musky masculine fragrances pamper your skin while leaving your manhood intact and relaxed.

    Directions: Dissolve 1 Cup in a warm running bath.

    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Glycerin, Fragance, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, D&C Coloring

Customer Reviews

  • Like the color and smell

    Looks like I’m bathing in this crystal blue ocean but the ocean smells fantastic

    Posted by Dan on 18th Feb 2021

  • Great

    I really like this a lot makes me feel young again

    Posted by Hunter on 15th Oct 2020

  • Much better sleep

    I’ve been struggling with falling asleep at night so I decided to try a bath with bath salts and it’s really helped a lot. I got my first night of good sleep in a long time

    Posted by Lawrence on 19th Aug 2020

  • Quite nice

    Really good bath soak

    Posted by Brandon on 8th Aug 2020

  • Nice find

    I never thought there were bath salts specifically for men. But since I found them it’s really nice

    Posted by MasterMind4211 on 31st Jul 2020

  • Game changing

    This really makes my body feel good when I use it. Nice and relaxing and my muscles don’t feel fatigued any more

    Posted by Elon on 9th Mar 2020

  • Nice

    This is wonderful in the bath. It is very cleansing and leaves no residue. My skin likes it. I hadn't taken a "bath" for years. Since getting the bath salt, I've enjoyed 3 soaks/week. Treat yourself. You are worth it!

    Posted by Tom on 24th Jun 2015

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